Dances of Cuba in Nottingham is 'exuberant and mesmerising'

For two very sexy contemporary dance nights at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, courtesy of Dance Consortium, Cuba's flagship contemporary dance troupe, Danza Contemporánea De Cuba, are a red hot 'must have' ticket to get any dance fan in a fevered frenzy.

A welcome ray of Cuban sunshine on a cold February night, this delightful dance company's repertoire is three works by different choreographers culminating in uniquely zingy fresh dance fusions. Each work is exuberant in its own style and the extraordinary Cuban dancers are mesmerising. DCC are an ethnically diverse company originally formed in September 1959. The Cuban real life hardships actually encourage great creativity within the dancers.

In Cuba, far from being exclusive – music and dance are part of everyday life. Oliver Award nominated choreographer George Céspedes attributes this to a link between economic hardship and creativity. The company's distinct aesthetic and Cuban modern dance techniques are strongly influenced by their African and Spanish ancestors.

Belgian- Columbian, Annabella Lopez Ochoa choreographs Reversible. The piece plays with ideas of gender, sexual power and rivalry. The company of dancers dance with extraordinarily virile sexuality. Their dancing comes across like it is the last time they are going to dance and they really go for it. The Cubans offer out warmth and being extremely physical people, they often hug within the energetic dance as well as being very playful with their moves.

Beginning with a partially naked Adam and Eve section, Reversible, whilst being vigorous, comes across ultimately as a very humbling experience for both the audience and dancers. In the piece we see how body language is key to Cuban courtship. The upper body finds itself in male expression whereas the hips and central to female sexual expression. Reversible is a very sensuous dance work; a sensuality which is omnipresent in Cuban culture. Within the core of the dance we discover deep levels of poetic body language and groupings.

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